“If you are looking for a home in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton or nearby locations, Maggie is the person.”

She gets you access to the best properties incredibly early, often before they go on the market.

Maggie simply “gets it”. She clearly understands the market, what your family needs, and what you’re looking for – maybe even better than you do! She gets you access to the best properties incredibly early, often before they go on the market. We never would have found our new home without Maggie’s inside knowledge. Her hard work had us prepared to make an offer very quickly, which proved to be crucial in such a tight market. We can not say enough positive things about Maggie and we’ve already recommended her to everyone we know. She is generous with her time, completely professional, and kept us laughing throughout the process. She is the best!!!

- Megan and Soyoun Song

We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!

After experiencing fatigue and discouragement from several years of house hunting, we sought out Maggie’s help and expertise, hoping for a fresh start. Her holistic approach to the entire process left us feeling as though someone was truly listening to our desires for a home, and as though we had enlisted a team member whose desire to find the perfect home and perfect location was as strong as our own. Her knowledge of the market and neighborhoods (including schools, neighbors, and even traffic patterns!) was invaluable. From our first meeting, through well after the close of our property, Maggie was a tireless advocate – advising us, supporting us, and fighting for us. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!

- Private Brookline Buyers

During the negotiation process Maggie is nothing short of exceptional.

Working with Maggie has been unlike any experience we have had with a broker. Maggie takes the time to know her clients very well and has a unique ability to “get” what they need in a home, both in terms of taste, location and overall flow according to a family’s lifestyle. When we started looking for a home, I would call Maggie to inquire about properties we saw online and she would right away give me the reasons why she thought they would, or wouldn’t, work for us, and she was always right. Maggie is so in tune with the details of Back Bay (where we were looking) that she was able to tell us whether a prospective home was on a location we’d love because of its proximity to certain amenities, or whether another seemingly amazing home was not right for us because it was not on the right part of the street or it was near a noisy area at night–crucial details that are not obvious to people who don’t live there.

During the negotiation process Maggie is nothing short of exceptional. She is a very skilled negotiator and knows the market well. As a buyer you feel she truly goes to bat for you–we had multiple phone calls late at night, multiple off-hour texts form her giving us updates on her negotiations. Because she’s built a reputation for bringing serious buyers to the table, she is made privy to properties not yet on the market. She knows Boston, Brookline and Cambridge extremely well and is very much aware of deals that will open up in the near future.

Most importantly — and this is what is truly unique about Maggie — our relationship with her did not end on the day we closed the deal. Maggie is so well connected she was able to quickly help us find an incredible team (contractor and interior designer) to help us with renovations of the place we just bought. We have done remodels before and this is by far the most professional and high-quality team of people we have ever worked with. All it took was a phone call from Maggie and they were on board. Maggie continues to be involved, offering help with our remodel while we are out of town. I asked her why she did that and she said “My job does not end until you are moved into your beautiful new home, until all the sheets are on the beds and everything looks perfect.” This is the Maggie experience, and we are grateful to have found our amazing new home through her. Thanks Maggie!

- Sylvia & Christoph Westphal

She figured out right away what I was about.

Maggie found me the absolutely perfect place on the first day out… although she still made me look at 15 more places! She figured out right away what I was about, my lifestyle, what would work for me – even though I was just trying to figure this out myself.  She was intimately familiar with the market and what was available, and what were the important things to think about for every property we looked at. Maggie was also incredibly generous with her time. Even after I had signed a P&S, she met with me and the builder to help me think about the design of the space and found and met with a broker to help me sell my house in Weston. Maggie loves her work and it shows in her enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her intuition about what will work for her clients.

- Stephanie Dodson

Maggie found the perfect home for our family.

Maggie found the perfect home for our family. Her professional experience combined with an insatiable appetite for market research and a remarkable intuition brought us to a town I hadn’t even considered — and the home is perfect for us! She listened to what we were looking for and I fell in love with our new home and neighborhood. After we signed the P&S, Maggie has remained involved, as if it were her own home, to ensure that our renovations were going as planned.  She has been an invaluable resource on tradespeople as well. She has really been with me every step of the way supporting the process. I have had friends buy homes with her who have had equally as wonderful experiences. You will have fun during what could otherwise be a stressful process and find what you might not even have known you were looking for!  Her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude added to making the process a total pleasure.

- Rachael Goldfarb

Our move was painless because of her.

Maggie helped move us from Boston to San Francisco with extraordinary care, patience, and warmth. Our move was painless because of her. We sold our beloved home in Boston and bought a dream house in San Francisco with Maggie advising us every step of the way. A move of that magnitude required much more than just selling one house and buying another. We needed help finding a West Coast agent, guidance on new schools for our children, a sense of how the markets in both cities fared, wisdom on financing a daunting simultaneous transaction, and a healthy dose of reassurance and hand-holding as we moved our lives from one coast to another. While Maggie’s expertise in the greater Boston and Cambridge areas is top-rate, she also extended herself to learn the California market so that she could advise us there too with her signature dedication and tenacity. We are profoundly grateful to her for every bit of guidance she gave us, and we associate our happy California home with the lovely, brilliant, and sweet woman who led us here.

- Sejal & Sanjay Banker

Maggie just listened…

Our house search began casually. We didn’t really know what we wanted; actually, we just knew what we didn’t want. Maggie just listened… Within a week she had put together a comparative market analysis and laid out the properties she thought would work (and those that she thought would not) regardless of whether or not they were on the market. We saw a few properties together and she was quickly able to anticipate our questions and concerns. She is compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. Having taken the time to understand our needs, she came up with a house that was about to go on the market and told us. We saw it, loved it and now we happily own it.

- Lisa & Jeff Kerrigan

She makes the process fun.

We were referred to Maggie by a friend who aptly noted that she is “the best at everything!” Amazingly, she lived up to her reputation. She is intelligent, perceptive, reliable, honest, knowledgeable about her field, and down to earth. She makes the process fun. She took the time to show us an extraordinary number of homes and neighborhoods, helped us identify our likes and dislikes and narrow our search, and ultimately find a home that is ideal for us (and at the right price!). If you are looking for a home in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton or nearby locations, Maggie is the person.

- Liz & Chappell Lawson